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Recorded on cassette in Nashville, TN on 3/24/14
All song written & performed by Matt Allen


released April 2, 2014



all rights reserved


NORTHHEART Chicago, Illinois

Indie/Punk band based out of Chicago.

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Track Name: Naïve Then

We got drunk off of starry nights
Held hands as we prayed to a god that might
Help us find what we’re searching for
As we looked to the sky for a sign or more
Any way down a beaten path
We would cling to the ones who had our back
As my lungs filled with dusty air
We could always find someone, always there

Do you remember when?
We were naϊve then
On a perfect shore
Couldn’t sink no more
Sun woke me from a blazing tent
Do you remember when?
We were naϊve then
Track Name: Sunny Day
Sunny Day

I’m left in countless pieces and subconsciously subdued
I’m left here waiting by countless times to try and renew
My lost and waning faith I’ll someday make anew
But I'm here laughing at the fact that I feel neglected and abused

Feel nothing but a numbness that I can’t verbally amuse
Surrendered all my pain to only gain sadness in the truth
Well I’m in a concrete bed waning in countless shame
Skies don’t seem to try to realize
I need a sunny day

I feel amazed how I'm so constantly confused
Self-conscious without a beer
My only fear, is to become like you

If this is poetry I’ve realized I’ve wasted all my time
On rhymes that don’t meet me eye to eye
Or synchronize emotion to a tune
Track Name: Logan

You tried to beat me with another man
To try and make me understand
But you didn't know
You didn't know

I can seem to grasp it yet
You're making bets at your expense
But I didn't care
I didn't care

'Cause when the party's over
Nothing wrong okay? I told you
Stop messing with my head I'm sober
No one really wants you over now

I'm just tired and unimpressed
You're making bets at your expense
But I didn't care
I never cared

And I never asked for your advice now
Track Name: Rabbit Hole
Why do I fall behind?
It doesn't take much time
To feel life's decline

Why do I deny how I feel inside?
'Cause life's so jaded
Falling out of line

I'm falling down a rabbit hole
I feel like you should have known
That I'm spiraling in circles here
Wishing that you'd draw near

Feels like a dive here
All depressed inside
And I could take all day
Wishing pain away